About This Blog

So it's got to that point... that point when your adventures in the kitchen are getting so ridiculous that your friends say, 'I know... you should start a blog!'

Well here it is. A collection of my favourite recipes, my own recipes and the beats that turns cooking at home into such a delight.

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Introducing the beans...

The last two weeks has bought a new revelation to the fridge. Refried beans. A discovery of how quick and easy they are to make (and financially accessible when your watching the pennies...) but most of all a delicious accompaniment to many meals. Check out the poached egg page for my recipe. It's a simple one and fun to play with different flavours. In Mexico, epazote is widely used (similar to oregano) and avocado or lime leaves, I decided to infuse with a bay leaf and chipotle flakes.

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Beet Queen's First Supper Club!

Success!! My first supper club was a winner!! A few limitations, but we smashed it, and everyone loved the food which is most important :) In the new studio space 238, Stapleton Road, Beet Queen served a Mexican feast in celebration of Day of the Dead and Aaron's 50th Birthday. With no furniture but a table to prep we hosted with a ring of comfy floor cushions and sharing food. See the 'Supper Club' page for the menu! Recipes available on request :D

I think I can concur with the crowd that the salt baked smoked pineapple was the winning dish!