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So it's got to that point... that point when your adventures in the kitchen are getting so ridiculous that your friends say, 'I know... you should start a blog!'

Well here it is. A collection of my favourite recipes, my own recipes and the beats that turns cooking at home into such a delight.

Invention Page

This page is dedicated to delicious treats that have been created on the spot from whatever may be in the cupboards. An excellent way of keeping cooking to a budget and using what you have left!

Recipe no1. Pea + Chipotle Dip

So simple and so delicious!! This is a super economical alternative to guacamole. Boil up a couple of cups of frozen peas, blend up with half a lemon juice (or lime), a teaspoon of chipotle flakes, and a pinch of salt to taste. For extra creaminess I added a tablespoon of sour cream. Yumotle!

Recipe no2. Sweet Potato Skins

I used the skins from my fishcake recipe (no.6) on 'The Poached Egg Page'... Scoop out the flesh leaving just a slither of potato on the inside. After inventing the pea dip, once again I boiled a cup of peas and blended with half a roasted garlic (about 8 cloves) which was put in the oven when I roasted the potato. Season with salt, pepper and a dash of lemon. Spread the mixture into the skins and cover with grated / soft goats cheese. For the topping, I diced up together a few mint leaves, 1 spring onion and some watercress and sprinkled on top. Return to the oven until crispy! Yumskins!

Recipe no3. Leftovers Veggie Burgers (makes 10 bigun's!)

I'm sure the likely hood of you having the same ingredients left as me in the veg box is highly unlikely, however use this as a showcase of how easy it is to find your inner chef and smoosh all the leftover bits into the most delicious meal...


1 butternut squash - cubed and roasted
2 onions - roughly chopped and caramelised in the oven
1/2 cauliflower - florets removed and whizzed up in the blender to mimic cous cous
bunch chard chopped small
1 tin black beans
2 handfuls seed mix (sunflower + pumpkin)
handful parsley
juice of 1 lemon to taste
salt + pepper to taste

Once all the ingredients are individually prepared then put into a big bowl, get your clean mits in and squeeze everything together into a burger mix. Shape into balls, swish 'em then dust with a little flour to help bind before frying in coconut oil. To serve, I used some tasty Challah buns from the local organic bakery round the corner, The Bristol Loaf. On the side I used some 'on the way out' runner beans and lemon zest to make a zingy hummus and a salad of green chilli coleslaw... recipe in favourites!


https://www.thebristolloaf.co.uk  (buns!)   /     https://plowrightorganic.co.uk  (veggies!)

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